EOPS counselors are available to current EOPS students via Cranium Café for scheduled appointments and drop-in times.


  • Make sure your device has a webcam and microphone to communicate with the counselor (phones are acceptable).
  • When a counselor is available for a Chat session, you will see a green ONLINE indicator.
  • During Drop-in times, you can meet with a counselor by clicking on KNOCK ON DOOR during drop-in times indicated on the individual counselor Cranium Café Card.  The virtual door indicates that a counselor is available. (See Below) 
  • Click on the Canvas icon.
  • Use your MyVCCCD Student ID and password to log in.
  • Once logged in, the counselor will allow you to ENTER MEETING to start your session.
  • To end the session, click on Exit Meeting to take the survey and log out.

Please Note: You can also contact a counselor by email or phone, this information is indicated on the individual counselor card. "To find your Degree Works Student Education Plan please see Find my SEP on Degree Works Guide"


Video chat with EOPS on Cranium Cafe