The Department of Education published regulations which affect students who repeat courses. These regulations may impact your financial aid eligibility and awards, including Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, Direct Loans, Federal Work-Study.  Regulations prevent the Financial Aid Office from paying for a course that has been passed and repeated more than one time.  In order for a repeated course to be counted towards your enrollment status for financial aid purposes, you may only repeat a previously passed course once (a total of two attempts).  If you enroll in a previously repeated and passed course for a third time, this course will not count towards your enrollment for financial aid purposes.  Examples of repeated courses: 

  1. Allowable: Repeated courses may be included if the student received an unsatisfactory or failing grade. There is no limit on the number of attempts allowable if the student does not receive a passing grade.  Grades of A, B, C, D, P, CR (Credit), or CRE (Credit by exam) are considered passing grades. 

  2. Allowable: Student is enrolled in 15 credit hours which includes 3 credits repeating a previously passed course. Because the student is enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits which are not repeats, the student's financial aid eligibility is not impacted by the repeat.

  3. Not permissible: Student receives a D in a course and decides to repeat the course to improve his/her GPA. The student may repeat this passed course one time, but if the student wants to repeat it a second time, the second repeat would not count for financial aid eligibility.

For example, a student enrolls in 12 credits, 3 of those credits are a second-time repeat. As a result, only 9 credits will count for financial aid eligibility.  

Details of the regulations 

  • Repeated enrollment that is not aid eligible will be excluded from the student's enrollment status for the term.

  • Federal Title IV financial aid will be recalculated based on the student's adjusted enrollment status.

  • This recalculation will be applied regardless of whether a student received aid for previous course enrollments.

  • Some courses are repeatable per college policy and are not restricted by these regulations.

  • Wait listed courses do not count toward official enrollment status for financial aid purposes.

  • All repeated courses do affect financial aid satisfactory academic progress calculations. A repeated course along with the original attempt must be counted as attempted credits.

  • Suspension and Extension Appeals cannot override this federal regulation.  If you are in a class that is not eligible for payment, but the class is part of your approved educational plan, you will not be penalized for repeating the class, but you cannot receive financial aid for that class.