Register for Classes

Study this page carefully in order to learn everything you need to know about registering for classes.

 Remember: Don't risk getting dropped from classes for non-payment. Registration is only complete until you pay your fees. 

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Registration Guide
Learn the basics about registering for classes!
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Check Your Registration Date
Each student has a unique registration date depending on the amount of units accumulated or special program they are part of like EOPS, Veterans, ACCESS, or FYE.

Help! I don't know what classes to register for.

Not sure what classes to add for your first semester? Check out this recommended first semester classes list. 


If you are part of FYE, be sure to register for at least 12 units and a College Strategies class.

COL M01, COUN M02, COUN M05 or LS M03

Need an FYE Counselor to help you out?



A class I need is full. Is there any way I can still add it?

There are a few ways you can add a class that's full:

Get on the waitlist

Getting on a waitlist is easy. Simply add onto the waitlist through your portal. Then, attend the first day of class and ask the instructor for an "add code." Once you have an add code, you will do something that may feel scary and counterintuitive, but rest assured it's part of the process: you will go into your portal and drop that particular class. You will then use the new add code you were given to add the class. Be sure to pay for any fees to complete registration and avoid getting dropped for non-payment. 

Crash the course

Instructors are required to drop all registered and waitlisted students who do not attend the first day of class. This means that if you show up on the first day of class and crash the course, you may be given an "add code" (6-digit code you can use to add the class through your student portal). If planning to crash a course, be sure to email the professor ahead of time so that they can prepare an add code for you, or even send it to you via email!


Save the course for another semester

You can also consider moving this class to a different semester. Talk to your counselor if you need to readjust your Education Plan.