Alternate Media accommodation

Alternate Media is an accommodation for eligible Moorpark College students who have a print disability due to vision, learning or mobility limitations. Eligibility for the alternate media accommodation is evaluated and determined by the Accessibility Coordination Center & Educational Support Services (ACCESS) coordinator and/or counselor. 

Alternate Media Services

Sometimes the original format of a textbook or course document is not easily readable or usable by students with a print disability. An alternate format would then be needed in order for the student to have access to the textbook or course document. Alternate Media services converts and/or reformats course content, such as printed textbooks or course documents, to a format that is accessible and usable by students with a print disability. This is a request based service for eligible students registered with the ACCESS office at Moorpark College who have been approved for Alternate Media services.

Requests for textbooks and/or course documents in an alternate format will be considered on a case by case basis. The ACCESS Alternate Media Specialist will review the request and attempt to provide the format specified by the student. However, if the original requested format is unavailable, alternatives will be discussed with the student. 

Alternate Media examples       

  • Braille
    • Embossed (printed)
    • Braille Ready Format (BRF)
  • Electronic text
    • Kurzweil
    • Microsoft Word
    • PDF

To make a textbook request, use the Alternate Media request form.


Alternate Media Policies & Procedures

Contact Shirley Ruiz, Alternate Media Specialist: