As our name implies, ACCESS coordinates services and accommodations required by eligible students to ensure that full accessibility to the campus and curriculum is achieved. Accommodations and services requested are individually determined by an interactive process between the student and the ACCESS Specialist or Counselor. Accommodations are based on the individual's educational limitations and professional documentation.

Accommodations and services are intended, as much as possible, to mitigate the effects of the student's disability on his or her educational experience at Moorpark College. Accommodations are not intended to make the curricular requirements less difficult. Accommodations do not guarantee success--only an equal opportunity to succeed. Below are examples of frequently used accommodations that remove barriers for students. This list is not comprehensive.

  • Alternate Media Formats (E-text version of books, Braille, enlarged text)

  • Adaptive Furniture (Adjustable height desks)

  • Assistive Equipment (Assistive listening devices, audio recorders, specialized keyboards and mice)

  • Learning Skills Classes (For math skills, writing skills & study strategies)

  • Note-taking Services 

  • Registration Assistance (Priority registration, course load adjustments)

  • Sign Language Interpreters (In class American Sign Language interpreters)

  • Specialized Academic and Disability Counseling

  • Test Taking Accommodations (Distraction reduced environment, extra time on tests, reading software, scribes, breaks)

It is important to remember that students are never required to use any accommodation or service,  and accommodation or services do not happen automatically. Students must request the services and accommodations they wish to use for each class, each semester. We will assist the student in notifying the instructor of any accommodation or service that involves testing or classroom instruction.

If there is a problem with arranging or obtaining any authorized service or accommodation, it is the responsibility of the student to notify ACCESS. If a solution cannot be reached the student should contact us as soon as possible.