Who is Eligible for Access Services?

Any Moorpark College student with a disability that has a negative impact on his/her educational achievement may be eligible, and is encouraged, to apply for ACCESS services. The disability may be a visible one, such as vision, hearing, or mobility, or it may be an invisible disability such as dyslexia or another type of learning disability, an attention disorder, a chronic health issue, or a speech or psychological disorder. In order for ACCESS to authorize services, an appropriate professional must verify the disability in writing. This could be a letter from your physician, a private or school psychologist's report, or authorization from another professional trained to diagnose the disability.

In addition, any Moorpark College student who suspects they might have a disability that has never been previously assessed may request an appointment with an ACCESS Specialist to discuss the possibility of further evaluation.

Why Does ACCESS Offer These Services?

Moorpark College and ACCESS are devoted to making higher education accessible to all. We recognize the value of student diversity and we are committed to providing a campus climate conducive to the success of all students. In addition, we support both the spirit and the letter of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that guarantees every person with a disability equal access to all educational programs and activities offered by the College.

How Do I Apply for ACCESS?

Please follow steps mentioned in the above link and if you have any questions call ACCESS at (805) 378-1461