To become a student at Moorpark College CalWORKs program do the following:

STEP 1: Meet with your Employment Specialist (Ventura County) or Gain Worker (LA County)

STEP 2: Get a referral or W2W plan (Welfare to Work Plan)

STEP 3: Complete self placement for Math and English. 

STEP 4: Call for an Initial/Intake appointment with a MC CalWORKs staff member 805-553-4055

STEP 5: Once you have registered for classes, schedule an appointment with a College CalWORKs counselor to develop your semester I.T.P obtain book voucher request form and submit all required paperwork to your county worker.  

*Please bring a completed Intake Form and copy of your Welfare to Work Plan or Verification that you are receiving cash aid (TANF).

*After your appointment is completed, update your case worker with your new semester classes.