California College Promise Grant formerly known as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver

This program determines if you qualify to have your ENROLLMENT FEES WAIVED. This FEE WAIVER is for California residents only. If you need money to help with books, supplies, transportation and other costs, please complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Application (for eligible AB 540 students).  It's OK to file both a Promise [CCPG] formerly known as BOGW and a FAFSA. We will let you know if you qualify for an automatic  FEE WAIVER.  If you do NOT qualify using the simple online application method, you should file a FAFSA.  Many, many students do not qualify under Methods A or B, but still qualify for a Method C fee waiver and additional financial aid by filing the FAFSA.

Apply now for a PROMISE formerly known as BOGW

To qualify for the Promise [CCPG] Program, you must:

  • Be a California resident,
  • Be a non-California resident eligible for tuition exemption AB 540,
  • Be a non-California resident eligible for tuition exemption AB 1899, and
  • Meet the qualifying income standards for one of the  methods below
  •  Method "A" -   You, or your parents if applicable, must be currently receiving benefits from CalWORKs, TANF, SSI/SSP, or General Relief.  Bring proof of your benefits to the Financial Aid Office.
  •  Method "B" -  You, and your parents if applicable, must meet the following income standards for the school year in which you are applying, based upon your Total Family Income.  Your income must be equal to or less than the amount indicated for your household size.


California College Promise Grant Program

Formerly Board of Governors Fee Waiver Program CCPG Part B

2018-2019 Income Standards* Family Size

Base Year Income

















Each Additional Family Member


These standards are based upon the federal poverty guidelines as published each year by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Under Title 5 of the California code of Regulations, the income standards for the program equal 150% of the federal poverty guidelines for the base year.

These standards are to be used to determine Fee Waiver B eligibility.