Our dedicated staff is committed to helping our students with their transition from high school to Moorpark College.  If you have questions, please stop by the Student Success Center.  We look forward to beginning this journey with you!

Student Success Center Director

Dr. Jesus Vega

Education and Policy Studies, Ed.D

Photo of Dr. Jesus VegaLikes: Food, laughing, spending time with my family and students

Dislikes: Lack of effort, messiness, healthy food

My role at GPS: Make sure that students have the best possible experience in the program and Moorpark College

What I love about working at GPS: The students, staff and family culture we create





Pam Kennedy-Luna

Counseling Psychology and Pupil Personnel Service, M.A.

Picture of Pam Kennedy-Luna outside

Likes:  Warm days, The Andy Griffith Show, family, lemon meringue pie, "old school" music, being a mom

Dislikes: Cottage cheese, grumpy people, procrastination


My role at GPS: Master of the air conditioner/heater, doing what I can to motivate, educate, and support students toward reaching their academic goals and potential


What I love about working at GPS: The close family/team atmosphere, getting to know all the great, wonderful GPS students




Eddie Beltran

Counseling and College Student Personnel Services, M.S. [In progress: Educational Leadership, Ed.D)Picture of Eddie Beltran in a park

Likes: Food, time with family, making others laugh, laughing, connecting with students

Dislikes: Getting pied in the face, healthy food, cold food


My role at GPS: Helping students plan their educational path, being a mentor to inspire and motivate my students


What I love about working at GPS: The opportunity to support students in their educational journey, the food



Student Success Coaches


Daniella Rodriguez

Political Science, B.A.

photo of Daniella RodriguezLikes:  Eating, cooking, traveling, cheese fries from In-N-Out (specifically cheese only), long conversations with friends and family, Amazon Prime

Dislikes: Waiting in line for brunch, watching previews for movies, folding my clothes, indeciveness, mayonnaise, washing my hair


My role at GPS: Help students successfully achieve their educational goals by being their friend and advocate


What I love about working at GPS: Fun and friendly staff, interesting and diverse cohort, seeing students grow and succeed at Moorpark College!




Elizabeth Cejaphoto of Elizabeth Ceja

College Counseling and Student Services, M.S.

Likes: Traveling, being outdoors, enjoying peaceful time with family, chips (especially lime hot Cheetos), Target, Disney, cheese fries (specifically animal style fries from In-N-Out without grilled onions)

Dislikes: Onions, waiting in line for rides at Disneyland, disorganization


My role at GPS: Work with students and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in their college career


What I love about working at GPS: The fun energy that the students bring, the funny times shared with coworkers, office is full of life and positivity that brings joy to every workday!




Kelly Littlephoto of Kelly Little

Educational Leadership Policy Studies, M.A. [In progress: Education Ed.D]

Likes: Cats, nature, astrology, Halloween, sweater weather, hugs!

Dislikes: Cilantro, impatience, being clumsy, candy corn, forgetting my chapstick

My role at GPS: To empower, motivate, support, and connect with students on their educational journey

What I love about working at GPS: Absolutely everything, the students I get to meet with, the wonderful staff that we have in our office, feel so unbelievably lucky to be a program that embodies Moorpark College's philosophy of STUDENTS FIRST


Rachelle Goetz

Communication, Broadcast Journalism, B.S. [In progress: Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S.]

photo of Rachelle GoetzLikes: Exercise, Shaquille O’Neal, shopping, sunshine, traveling, shoes, inspirational quotes


Dislikes: Sour milk, bad hair days, bad grammar in text messages, overripe bananas, SF Giants (Go Dodgers!), not getting enough sleep


My role at GPS: Duchess of the back corner desk, to inspire and facilitate positive energy in academic and creative environments and propel students to new breadth and depth in their lives


What I love about working at GPS: Witnessing our students’ growth and change, seeing the excitement upon their successes, and our awesome team spirit (including whipped cream pies!)




Stephanie CaranicaPicture of Stephanie Caranica outside

Communication Studies, B.A. [In progress: Counseling and College Student Personnel Services, M.S.]

Likes: Mornings, handmade journals, flossing my teeth, snail mail, being with my family

Dislikes: Waking up early, the "Would You Rather" game, slow computers, boardgames (unless it's chess)

My role at GPS: Website updater, seeing each student's potential and encouraging them to achieve their goals, raising awareness about awesome resources to help students succeed

What I love about working at GPS: Walking into a room full of positive energy each day, celebrating our students' little and big accomplishments