Student Success Center Director

Claudia Sitlington

Education M.A.

Photo of Dr. Jesus VegaLikes: Being with family, learning new things, chile rellenos, anything that has to do with my girls being happy!

Dislikes: Lottery tickets without winning numbers, flavored coffee, scary movies

My role at GPS: To make sure that the students and staff at GPS have what they need to feel motivated, cared for, and valued! 

What I love about working at GPS:  How welcoming and kind everyone is!






Pam Kennedy-Luna

Counseling Psychology and Pupil Personnel Service, M.A.

Picture of Pam Kennedy-Luna outside

Likes:  Warm days, The Andy Griffith Show, family, lemon meringue pie, "old school" music, being a mom

Dislikes: Cottage cheese, grumpy people, procrastination


My role at GPS: Master of the air conditioner/heater, doing what I can to motivate, educate, and support students toward reaching their academic goals and potential


What I love about working at GPS: The close family/team atmosphere, getting to know all the great, wonderful GPS students




Dr. Eddie Beltran

Educational Leadership, Ed.DPicture of Eddie Beltran in a park

Likes: Movies, laughing, spending time with my family and friends

Dislikes: Email, slow Internet, gum on the bottom of my shoe

My role at GPS: Helping students feel capable of accomplishing their personal and educational goals, connected to our office and the campus community, and inspired to achieve more than they could have ever imagined

What I love about working at GPS: The students, staff and memories we create 


Student Success Coaches


Rachelle Goetz

Communication, Broadcast Journalism, B.S. [In progress: Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S.]

photo of Rachelle GoetzLikes: Exercise, Shaquille O’Neal, shopping, sunshine, traveling, shoes, inspirational quotes


Dislikes: Sour milk, bad hair days, bad grammar in text messages, overripe bananas, SF Giants (Go Dodgers!), not getting enough sleep


My role at GPS: Duchess of the back corner desk, to inspire and facilitate positive energy in academic and creative environments and propel students to new breadth and depth in their lives


What I love about working at GPS: Witnessing our students’ growth and change, seeing the excitement upon their successes, and our awesome team spirit (including whipped cream pies!)


Karla Montenegro

Counseling, specialization in College Counseling and Student Services, M.S. 

Likes: Taking care of plants, going to the beach, visiting aquariums, drinking coffee, eating cheesecake

Dislikes: Caramel flavored food/drinks, messy spaces, Greek yogurt

My role at GPS: Creating small activities for students wanting to de-stress in the lobby area (some can be found in the student supplies area and the white board), meeting with students to help them develop the skills they need to successfully achieve their goals and become the person they want to be, supporting the DREAMers Club on campus


What I love about working at GPS: Getting to meet a lot of friendly students, the team in the center is very outgoing and funny, the environment in the Student Success Center is welcoming and inclusive


Stephanie Caranica

Communication Studies, B.A. [In progress: Counseling and College Student Personnel Services, M.S.]

Picture of Stephanie Caranica outsideLikes: Mornings, handmade journals, flossing my teeth, snail mail, being with my family

Dislikes: Waking up early, the "Would You Rather" game, slow computers, boardgames (unless it's chess)

My role at GPS: Website updater, seeing each student's potential and encouraging them to achieve their goals, raising awareness about awesome resources to help students succeed

What I love about working at GPS: Walking into a room full of positive energy each day, celebrating our students' little and big accomplishments