Academic Success

All you have to do is ask. We have many resources to support you in your first year. These are some of the most important student services to help you succeed at Moorpark College. 


Academic Counseling

Student being awarded diploma at graduation

Students who have a major/career goal are more likely to stay motivated in school and complete their educational goals. This is the place to either find that motivation or build on it!

Don't have a major?

Get started by seeing an FYE Counselor. You can also do deeper major exploration by doing an internship or taking a career assessment through the Career and Transfer Center.

Already have a major?

Meet with one of our FYE Counselors to talk about creating a Comprehensive Education Plan to map out the classes needed to transfer/ graduate. You may also meet with a specific counselor for your major and make an appointment with them through General Counseling.


Tutoring Center

Writing tutors posing with their paper snowflakes at the Writing Center

The Teaching and Learning Center is the place to be if you need a little boost in your math, English, science, humanities, and language classes. All tutors have been formally trained, earned at least an "A" in the class they are tutoring, and are excited to help you succeed!


Need group tutoring?

Want to schedule a group tutoring session? You can do so with Peer Assisted Learning Sessions (PALS)!


All tutoring spots booked?

You can also check out NetTutor, which is a service that connects you to live tutors across California.



Honors Program

Student at the Honors Program booth

If you want to challenge yourself academically and gain a competitive edge for your college applications, then you might want to consider joining the Honors Program.



Professor Office Hours

Professor writing on white board in a classroom

Each full-time faculty is required to be available to students for a certain amount of hours each week. We encourage you to take the time to see your professors during their office hour to clear up any questions you had in class, as well as introduce yourself and build a relationship with them– they want to get to know you and help you succeed!


Find a Professor's email and office hours on:

Syllabus in Canvas

(Click MyCourses > Canvas Homepage)


VCCCD Directory 




Female student suffering from a headache

Need accommodations to be successful at Moorpark College? ACCESS offers services for students with verified barriers to learning (i.e., verified physical or learning disabilities).




Two students sitting on the floor studying

Canvas is the space online where you can view your class assignments, syllabus, and grades. Get familiar with this site, as it will be essential in staying on top of your classes!

(Click MyCourses > Canvas Homepage)


We recommend that you download the Canvas app so that you have all your classes at your fingertips!

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