In Memoriam: CJ Professor Nick Zingo

Nick Zingo

It is with profound sadness that we announce the recent passing of Moorpark College Criminal Justice Professor, Nick Zingo.

Professor Zingo joined the Criminal Justice Program at Moorpark College in the Fall 2011 Semester.  He was a popular instructor and dedicated to his “Active Teaching Style”. He created an interdisciplinary educational experience for Moorpark Criminal Justice, Journalism and Theater Arts students. He was also an instructor at Palomar Community College and a valued member of the Criminal Justice Program at California State University at Northridge.

Professor Zingo’s career in law enforcement spanned more than forty-years. First, with the Detroit Police Department, and then with the Los Angeles Police Department, where he retired as a police Captain. Immediately following his retirement, Nick transitioned to reserve police officer status with the LAPD, where he was assigned to the Training Division as a Firearms and Tactics instructor.  He was also certified as a California Peace Officer & Standards Master Instructor.  He taught law enforcement executive courses for over thirty-years, including the West Point Leadership Program (now the LAPD Leadership Program) where he taught command staff officers from the LAPD, and other California police agencies.  As a result of his involvement in the infamous North Hollywood Bank of America bank shootout, Professor Zingo traveled throughout the United States giving presentations to local, state and federal law enforcement officers.

Professor Zingo’s love of teaching was infectious, and he was always eager to help  students and fellow faculty members.  He was a student of education and a self-taught distance learning expert.

Nick Zingo, Suzanne Fagan and Tim Lomis "Partners in Crime"

For several semesters, Nick formed an alliance with the Theatre Arts program for an improvised crime scene exercise called "Who Killed Manny Quinn?"  Theatre Arts instructor, Suzanne Fagan said,    "I have this great picture with Nick and Tim Loomis and we called it 'Partners in Crime.'  Nick was always so much fun.  So full life and helpfulness and eagerness to always do better and learn." 

Make-up instructor Haleh Risdana said, "When I think of Nicholas Zingo I think of all the fun we had collaborating! He had such a great sense of humor — especially when it came to discussing how we were going to makeup up Manny Quinn — the mannequin, for his Crime Scene Scenarios.Nick always had us smiling and his willingness to allow us to get in on the fun.

Professor Zingo is survived by his wife, Chris, and his beloved dogs that he walked each day.  Nick will be missed by all he touched during his lifetime, including his students and fellow facility members at Moorpark College and California State University Northridge.