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Welcome to the homepage of Delta Alpha Pi at Moorpark College. We are a diverse group of students with disabilities. We fight the stigma that a disability prevents a person from academic achievement. The Zeta Tau chapter at Moorpark College was inducted into the national organization in 2020. Follow us on Instagram@delta_alpha_pi_mc 

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Any Moorpark student can, and is encouraged, to attend club meetings. Below are the requirements for official membership into the club: 

ACCESS students who have presented with a documented disability or a student who 

- self-identifies as an individual with a disability 

- who have completed a minimum of 24 credits 

- who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.10 

- and who have demonstrated an active interest in disability issues. 


To maintain active membership 

- attend one meeting per semester 

- attend one event per year 

- maintain 3.10 GPA each year 

- After a student meets the requirements they are inducted into the club in the spring semester. 


For more information, please join our DAPi Canvas page. 

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