New Students

Steps for Becoming a Student with ACCESS Services

Welcome to ACCESS!  To apply for services through ACCESS you must have documentation of a verified disability. This may include students with physical disabilities (which may include visual impairment, mobility or orthopedic or motor functions), communication disabilities, such as hearing impairments, or speech and language disorders, learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries, ADHD, psychological disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or other documented disabilities which limit one or more major life activities and which impose an educational limitation.


Step 1 □   Apply for Admission to Moorpark College {Steps 1-3, Procedures for All Moorpark students}

        Go to Application & Orientation and fill out the first 4 steps for NEW Students. 

This will include your:

  • Math Assessment
  • English Assessment
  • Campus Online Orientation
  • DegreeWorks Schedule (see step 2 for ideas for classes)

Print out your results for each step to submit with your application


Step 2 □  Consider what classes you might be interested in taking: 

Consider the results of your Math and English Assessmen

  • Choose tentative classes (between 3-5)
  • To create a tentative schedule use the following worksheet:

                     Assisted Registration Worksheet


Step 3 □  Enter your tentative schedule into DegreeWorks (if not done in Step 1)

    Print out completion of Abbreviated Degreeworks Educational Plan


Step 4 □   Complete and Print out all 3 pages of the Application for ACCESS services


Step 5 □   Complete and Print Intake Screening form


Step 6 □   Bring copies of your Verification of Disability to leave with our office.

  • Students with an IEP or 504 plan, bring in a complete (all pages) and most current copy of your IEP AND a copy of the most recent psycho-educational testing report or basis upon which services were determined (Speech and Language Report, Medical/Other Health reports, etc)
  • If you have ADHD, a medical, physical or psychological disability, you will need a Verification of Disability Form completed by your doctor or psychologist (please print both pages of the form below and have your doctor complete, sign and stamp the form)

            Click link:  Verification of Disability


Complete the following checklist and you are ready to come in to schedule your appointment. 



Before submitting your paperwork, print out this checklist and check off each item, to be certain you have all the materials.

  • English Assessment (Print out Placement results)

  • Math Assessment (Print out Placement results)

  • Completion of Online Orientation Results (Print out Proof of Completion)

  • DegreeWorks Schedule (Print out the Abbreviated Education Plan)

  • Application for ACCESS Services (Complete & Print out all 3 pages )

  • Intake Screening form (Complete & Print )

  • Documentation of disability (To be signed and stamped by medical/educational professional) or Provide complete copy of IEP with original documentation of disability/psycho-educational testing report.


Please bring all of your paperwork to the ACCESS office to be screened for an Intake Appointment.  If all material is completed in full, you will be scheduled for the next available Intake Appointment with a disabilities specialist.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (805) 378-1461.


ACCESS is located on the first floor of the LMC building.  You may park in either Lot C or the handicapped parking lot next to the building. Please purchase a 1-Day parking pass located in the machine at the top of the staircase in Lot C. Campus map