Steps to Participate

To become a Moorpark College student and participate in the CalWORKs program do the following:

STEP 1: Meet with your Employment Specialist (Ventura County) or Gain Worker (LA County)

STEP 2: Get a referral or W2W plan (Welfare to Work Plan)

STEP 3: If your not already a student at Moorpark College, you may apply online here Apply for Admission.

STEP 4: Log onto to the student portal

STEP 3: For Math and English course placement follow the Self Placement Guides.

STEP 4: Complete New Student Orientation online available or register for COUN M03 Orientation to Moorpark College.

STEP 5: Register for classes. Log onto MyVCCCD.

STEP 6: Call for an Initial/Intake appointment with a MC CalWORKs staff member 805-553-4055

STEP 7: Meet with a CW counselor to develop your comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP).

STEP 8: Once you have registered for classes, schedule a 1 hour appointment with a CalWORKs counselor to develop your

              semester I.T.P., obtain book voucher request form and submit all required paperwork to your county worker.


*Please bring a filled out  Intake Form and copy of your Welfare to Work Plan or Verification that you are receiving cash aid (TANF). After your appointment is completed, update your case worker with your new semester classes.