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CAN! (Clearing Academic Notice) Workshop


Iceberg of Success


Sometimes we encounter roadblocks and challenges, like Academic Notice, while we work towards our goals. This workshop will help students understand what it means to be on Academic Notice. We will review the consequences of Academic Notice and how students can improve their academic standing. We will share resources that students can utilize to succeed academically while in college.

Completion of CAN! Online Workshop & Next Steps:


Please note: Download and save all documents to your computer first before filling out & meeting with a counselor for processing!


  • In order to receive credit for completion, please complete the Academic Success Worksheet 
  • If you are requesting an increase in units, you will need to meet with a counselor using one of the methods listed below & may need to submit a progress report of your current classes to the counselor you meet with. 
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor to process your workshop documents

In this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Identify their academic standing and consequence of their Academic Notice status
  • Apply at least 1 strategy to improve their academic standing
  • Explain how a personal strength will help them improve their academic standing
  • Learn the process for requesting additional units while on Academic Notice

Please review the following modules and complete the appropriate sections on your Academic Success Worksheet.


CAN! Workshop Modules