Welcome to the Moorpark College Counseling Department's PASS (Probation and Student Success) Workshop!


Iceberg of Success


Sometimes we encounter roadblocks and challenges, like academic probation, while we work towards our goals. This workshop will help students understand what it means to be on academic probation. We will review the consequences of probation and how students can improve to get off probation. We will share resources that students can utilize to succeed academically while in college.

Completion of Online Workshop & Next Steps:

Please note: Download and save all documents to your computer first before filling out & sending for processing!!!

  • If you are requesting additional units, you will need to attach the petition and progress report of your current classes (if applicable) to the email.

In this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Identify their academic standing and consequence of their probation status
  • Apply at least 1 strategy to improve their academic standing
  • Explain how a personal strength will help them improve their academic standing
  • Learn the process for requesting additional units while on probation

Please open and save (or print) the Academic Success Worksheet to your computer to complete with the workshop.

Please review the following modules and complete the appropriate sections on your Academic Success Worksheet.

What is Academic Standing?

  • Moorpark College expects each student to maintain a reasonable level of academic achievement and progress toward their educational goal. Academic standing is based upon a student’s GPA and completion of attempted units.

    A student in good academic standing will have:
    • At least a cumulative 2.00 Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Complete at least 50% of the units attempted

    Key words:
    Attempt/attempted units: Student enrolls in a course and receives a withdrawal (W), incomplete (I), pass/no pass (P/NP), or letter grade in the course.
    Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA): the overall GPA from all coursework completed at Moorpark College. It is calculated by Total Grade Points ÷ Total Units.
    Consecutive semesters only include Fall and Spring semesters. It does not include summer sessions.
  • Success is not a straight line but has curves

How to calculate your GPA

  • To calculate your grade point average, you will want to review your grades and units for each course. Each letter grade is assigned a number value.
    A = 4
    B = 3
    C = 2
    D = 1
    F = 0

    Your transcript will show your grade points, which is calculated by multiplying the number of units of the course by the grade value. The table below shows the grade points for a 3 semester unit class.
    Letter Grade Grade Value Units Grade Points
    A 4 3 12
    B 3 3 9
    C 2 3 6
    D 1 3 3
    F 0 3 0
    Total grade points divided by total credit hours equals GPA

Probation 1

  • Academic Probation I:
    A student attempts at least 12 semester units at Moorpark College (VCCCD) and earns a GPA below a 2.0.

    MC Raider who has attempted 12 units on academic probation 1
    Course Grade Grade Points Units
    MATH M03 C 10.0 5.0
    ENGL M01A C 8.0 4.0
    PSY M01 D 3.0 3.0
    SOC M01 D 3.0 3.0
      Total: 24.0 15 GPA 1.60

    Progress Probation I:
    A student attempts at least 12 semester units and earns credit for less than 50% of the overall courses attempted (earned units/attempted units=progress calculation)

    MC Raider attempts 15 units in his first semester. However, he withdraws from 2 courses and only earns a letter grade in 7 units. MC Raider’s progress rate is only 47%. Therefore, MC Raider will be placed on Progress Probation I. He is not on Academic Probation, because he maintained above a 2.0 GPA with his earned credits (ENGL M01A and PSY M01). He is on Progress Probation 1, because he completed less than 50% of his attempted units.
    Course Grade Attempted Units Earned Units
    MATH M03 W 5.0 0.0
    ENGL M01A A 4.0 4.0
    PSY M01 C 3.0 3.0
    SOC M01 W 3.0 0.0
      Total: 15.0 7.0 47% Progress Rate

Probation 2

  • Academic Probation II:
    A student’s cumulative GPA has been below a 2.00 for 2 consecutive semesters

    If MC Raider is not able to earn a 2.00 or above after completing the next semester, he will be placed on Academic Probation II.

    Semester 1
    Course Grade Grade Points Units
    MATH M03 C 10.0 5.0
    ENGL M01A C 8.0 4.0
    PSY M01 D 3.0 3.0
    SOC M01 D 3.0 3.0
      Total: 24.0 15 GPA 1.60

    Semester 2
    Course Grade Grade Points Units
    ARTH M10 C 6.0 3.0
    HIST M130 C 6.0 3.0
    SOC M01 D 3.0 3.0
    POLS M03 C 6.0 3.0
      Total: 21.0 12.0 GPA 1.75

    Cumulative GPA: 1.67 (Total Grade Points ÷ Total Units)

    Progress Probation II:
    A student earns credit for less than 50% of the overall courses attempted for two consecutive semesters.

    Although MC Raider has above a cumulative 2.0 GPA, he is still on progress probation 2. He has completed less than 50% of his overall courses during Semester 1 and Semester 2.

    Semester 1
    Course Grade Attempted Units Earned Units
    MATH M03 W 5.0 0.0
    ENGL M01A A 4.0 4.0
    PSY M01 C 3.0 3.0
    SOC M01 W 3.0 0.0
      Total: 15.0 7.0 47% Progress Rate

    Semester 2
    Course Grade Attempted Units Earned Units
    ENGL M01B A 4.0 4.0
    HIST M130 W 3.0 0.0
    CHEM M01A W 5.0 0.0
      Total: 12.0 4.0 33% Progress Rate

    Cumulative Progress Rate: 47%

Dismissal from Moorpark College

  • Students are dismissed from Moorpark College for one semester in order to focus on their personal situations that may be hindering them to do well academically. Dismissal occurs when a student does not increase their GPA or progress rate for 3 consecutive semesters.

    If a student is able to increase their GPA or progress rate for 1 semester, they may stay on their designated probation status for that term. On your transcript, this is designated as “Probation add sems.” This means the student is on the same probation status for 2 semesters.

    Academic Dismissal:
    A student’s overall cumulative GPA has been below a 1.75 for 3 consecutive semesters

    If MC Raider is not able to bring up his cumulative GPA for 3 consecutive semesters, then he will be placed on academic dismissal.
    Semester Semester GPA Cumulative GPA Academic Standing
    Semester 1 1.60 1.60 Academic Probation I
    Semester 2 1.75 1.67 Academic Probation II
    Semester 3 1.75 1.70 Academic Dismissal

    Progress Dismissal:
    Occurs when a student earns credit for less than 50% of the overall courses for three consecutive semesters.
    Semester Attempted Units Earned Units Academic Standing
    Semester 1 15.0 7.0 Progress Probation I
    Semester 2 12.0 4.0 Progress Probation II
    Semester 3 6.0 2.0 Progress Dismissal

Consequences of Probation

  • Unit Limitations for Academic or Progress Probation:
    • Probation I- limited to 12 units
    • Probation II- limited to 6 units
    • Dismissal- 0 units

  • Late Registration for Academic or Progress Probation:
    • Students who have been placed on probation II will receive an open registration date. (students may appeal this with documentation of extenuating circumstances)

    Financial Aid
    • Students on probation may lose eligibility for financial aid. Financial aid has a different Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Please check with financial aid to check the status of your grant and loan eligibility.

Improving Your Academic Standing

  • Fork in the road for the roadmap to a successful future
    Course Repetition:
    Students who earn a substandard grade can repeat the same course and have prior substandard grades replaced
    Completing courses:
    Successfully completing new courses with an A, B, or C will improve a student’s progress standing
    Petition to Exceed Maximum Units:
    Students on probation may request more units than allowed by completing the necessary paperwork
    Moorpark College offers services to students who may need additional help beyond the classroom:
    Student Services On Campus

    Academic Renewal Eligibility:
    A student can have substandard (D's and F's only) grades exempted from their GPA calculation.  The grades are not visually removed from the transcript.

    In order to qualify for Academic Renewal, a student must complete the following:

      • Submit official transcripts from all college coursework (If using outside transcripts.)
      • Wait twelve 12 months until after the coursework has ended
      • Demonstrate academic success based on meeting one of the following criteria (can be in multiple semesters):
        • Completing at least 12 semester units with a 3.00 GPA
        • Completing at least 15 semester units with a 2.50 GPA
        • Completing at least 24 semester units with a 2.00 GPA

Undecided on Major/Career Goals

  • If you are undecided and need assistance with determining a major/goal, please consider the following:
    If a student is undecided, register for a counseling course, utilize the career center, or meet with a counselor one on one.
    COUN M01- Student Success:
    Introduces strategies, attitudes and skills that promote academic success. Identifies personal obstacles to academic success with emphasis on study skills, learning styles, time management, procrastination, goal setting, stress management, concentration, adjusting to college, healthy living, and successful relationships. Introduces campus student support resources. Applies to Associate Degree. Transfer credit: CSU
    COUN M02- Career & Life Planning:
    Provides a thorough study for career development, academic goals, and life planning. Includes assessment tools for identifying personality type; clarifying interests, skills, and values; and establishing college majors and careers. Addresses psychological and social issues that impact career and life choices. Covers decision-making processes, labor market trends, career research, interviewing skills, and résumé writing. Applies to Associate Degree. Transfer credit: UC; CSU
    COUN M20- Self-Paced Career Assessment:
    Introduces online self-assessment tools to identify and prioritize values, interests, skills, and personality attributes in a self-paced format culminating in options for college majors and/or future careers.  Includes assignments, and activities to strategize next steps congruent with individual goals and objectives.  Applies to Associate Degree. Transfer credit: CSU


    Occupational Work Experience connects actual classroom learning to targeted work experience opportunities in a field related to a student’s stated educational major or career goal. Typically, students would sign-up for an internship in a discipline (M80) to receive credit for this occupational work experience. These internships are closely related to the completion of department-specified course work and are advised by a faculty member in the discipline. The student’s work experience is matched to interests and training needs. In total, students can earn up to a total of 16 units, with a 4-unit maximum per semester.

    Requirements: The type of on-the-job learning being pursued determines how many total units can be earned in any given semester. Students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of unpaid work or 75 hours of paid work for every unit earned. Students are matched to appropriate faculty advisors through the Career Transfer Center. In total, students can earn up to a total of 16 units, with a 4-unit maximum per semester.

    Career Transfer Center is located in FH 110. Contact information is (805) 378-1536 and mcwexp@vcccd.edu.

    Counselor Appointments:
    • To schedule an individual appointment, call (805) 378-1428 or use the Starfish icon located in your MyVCCCD portal.
    • Our hours are subject to change. It is advised to call or check our website for any updates prior to scheduling the appointment.

Tips for Successful Students

  • Consider your time commitments along with your school schedule and work.

    Successful Students v. Struggling Students
    Successful students: Struggling students:
      Discover SELF MOTIVATION
      See themselves as victims
      Difficulty maintaining motivation
      Reject offers of help
      Make choices unconsciously
      Resist learning new ideas
      Live at the mercy of strong feelings
      Doubt their competence and personal value

    Academic Time Commitment:
    1 unit= 1 hour of classroom time per week
    1 unit= 2 hours of study time per week
    3 units= 3 hours of classroom time per week
    3 units = 6 hours of study time (3 x 2= 6)
    12 units= 12 hours of classroom time
    12 units x 2= 24 hours of study time
    12 hours in class + 24 hours study time = 36 hours a week time commitment
    Boy holding up a stack of books

    Things to consider when deciding how many units to take:
    • Health
    • Family & Friends
    • Relationships
    • Work
    • Sleep
    • Commute
    • Free time
    • Daily Activities
  • Print out this Weekly Calendar Template to help manage your time

Requesting Additional Units while on Probation

  • While on probation, students are limited to the number of units they can enroll in per semester. If students want to attempt more units beyond their maximum, they must petition with a counselor. Probation students, who want to enroll in more units, will need to fill out this petition each semester until they return to good academic standing.

    Steps to Request Additional Units
    1. Complete the online probation workshop
    2. Complete the Academic Success Worksheet accompanied with the module
    3. Complete the Student Progress Report with your current grades and professors' signatures (if you have in-progress coursework only)
    4. Complete the Petition to Exceed Maximum Units
    5. Send your probation packet and petition via email to mcpass@vcccd.edu or stop by Express Counseling in Fountain Hall
    6. The counselor will review your petition, discuss next steps, and other helpful resources for your success

    Please note that the petition is a request only and NOT a guaranteed approval.

Congratulations on finishing the online probation workshop!!!