Your Personal Academic Planner is a resource guide of links to educational websites. The Plan is useful for developing your educational roadmap at Moorpark College and beyond.

The guide has three sections with links providing more information and/or instruction:

  1. Academic Disciplines and Careers - for all new and prospective students introducing you to Majors/Careers and Moorpark College

  2. Moorpark College Educational Goal - for students planning to complete their educational objectives at the college

  3. Transfer Planning - useful for those planning to continue their education at a 4 year institution

  4. Student Educational Plan Form

The Counseling Office at Moorpark College is staffed with professionals that are committed to assisting you in achieving your academic goals. You are encouraged to make an appointment and bring your research/planning documents with you for review and modification as appropriate.

You can contact counselors by scheduling an appointment.

Note: The Counseling Office does not verify the accuracy of information to links beyond Moorpark College. These links are provided to assist you in your search for relevant information.