Clipart Active Shooter
Dial 911 Emergency
Campus Police at 1 (805) 378-1455


What to Report:

  • Your specific location/building/room
  • Number of people with you
  • Injuries –number and type
  • Assailant's location, how many, race, gender, clothing, features, weapons, backpack identity, direction headed (if known)

If you Outside:

  • Proceed to closest building, preferably a room that locks, do not answer the door

If you are Inside (Shelter-in-Place):

  • Lock and barricade all doors
  • Close blinds, turn off the lights
  • Call 911 and/or Campus Police x1455
  • Put cell phones on vibrate, be quiet
  • Use furniture to shield you
  • Do not answer door
  • Wait for "all clear" message or further instructions

If shooter has entered your room and begins firing:

  • Use furniture to shield you, stay low
  • Throw things at the shooter and overpower as a group.

If you decide to Flee:

  • Have an escape route and plan
  • Do not carry anything while fleeing
  • Keep your hands visible and follow directions of police officer

Information from the Active Shooter Presentation given on March 6, 2015