Emergency Management

The Vice President, Business Services acts as Incident Commander for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Moorpark College. She chairs the Emergency Preparedness Committee comprised of management and staff serving in various capacities on campus.

In the event of an emergency, the campus police will notify the Incident Commander, who will in turn activate the EOC. Emergency notifications and plans are then set in place via the Command Center. All emergency-related communications and instructions to the campus are relayed from that area. An emergency broadcast system is in place on campus. It has the capability of sending broadcasts via telephone/cellphone, email, text (SMS), and/or loudspeaker. During an emergency, all methods will be used to notify students, faculty, and staff of the situation and instructions.

Overall coordination among the campuses, outside agencies, and the District Administrative Center (DAC) is managed through the Chief of Police in cooperation with the campus EOC.

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