Clipart Medical First Aid


Dial 911 Emergency

1(805) 378-1455 Campus Police

1(805) 378-1413 Student Health Center

  • Provide your name and exact location
  • Describe the nature of the medical problem
  • Give the campus location of the victim

Until help arrives give the victim appropriate first aid:


  • Apply direct pressure to wound
  • (protect yourself from contamination)

Neck/Back injury:

  • Do not move victim

Call campus staff trained and certified in CPR/AED

Not Breathing:

  • Open airway
  • Perform rescue breathing or CPR

Blood/Body Fluids Exposure:
Ensure that other employees/students are not exposed
Obtain the name and phone number of the person who was the source of the blood/body fluids.

Notify Campus Worker's Compensation office (DAC)-
(805) 655-5533