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What is "Transfer?"

Transfer is the process of continuing your education at a university/college that confers baccalaureate degrees. Generally "transfer" is movement between any two educational institutions.
Students may prepare to apply and gain acceptance to a university or college after completing required general education and major preparation course work.  
Additional transfer information can be found in the Moorpark College Catalog.

There are basic transfer areas that students will focus on prior to transfer:

  • General Education Requirements
  • Major Preparation Courses
  • Minimum Required Transfer Units
  • Minimum Required GPA


After you submit your CSU Application steps to follow flowchart

Transfer: California

You have many choices of what university to attend within the state of California. There are two
public university systems, University of California and California State University, and over 75 independent colleges and universities to choose from. Additionally, several California Community Colleges are now offering Bachelor's degrees. Click on the system that interests you below to learn more about what each has to offer.                                              

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Transfer Planning Tool: Transfer Planner

The Moorpark College Transfer Planner provides students with information about the transfer planning process.  It is the student's responsibility to investigate and choose a major, choose a transfer school and plan the transfer courses. Transfer opportunities can also be found here.
Details on how to navigate this process are outlined below:

  • First 15 units-This is the time for students to EXPLORE

  • 15-30 units- This is when students make CHOICES

  • 31-45 units- At this stage, students move FORWARD

  • 46-60 units- This is the time for students to ACT

  • All stages-these are things to keep in mind throughout your educational experience.  

Important Steps to Transfer

Choose a Major: 
Decide on a Transfer School: to help you consider different options
Create Education Plan and Transfer Courses

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