Moorpark College offers many short term training programs that can be completed in less than 18 months. Our goal is to help and support you as you work to train for a satisfying job.


CalWORKs at Moorpark College

What is CalWORKs?  CalWORKs is a state program that provides services for those with children so that they can eventually be self-supporting.

How can I attend college on CalWORKs?  First you must apply for CalWORKs assistance, (805) 955-2200, then talk to your caseworker about a employment and/or training plan. Moorpark College qualifies as a CalWORKs training facility. If you are already enrolled in college, you may qualify as a S.I.P (Self-Initiated Program) for support toward continuing your educational goal.

What are CalWORKs requirements?  Your caseworker will work with you to develop a contract that includes education/training and/or a job or volunteer work. Generally, single parents must complete 32 hours/week of approved activity.

What services does Moorpark College offer for CalWORKs students?  The CalWORKs staff offers help with registration and scheduling; advising on what are county-approved training programs; access to campus services; coordinating financial aid/award packages with CalWORKs requirements;obtaining book vouchers; coordinating childcare; and other services.

What is the procedure after I am referred by my caseworker?  After receiving a referral form, contact the CalWORKs office (805) 553-4055 to make an appointment.

Can you help find a job or internship?  During your training, we will help you find an on-campus job or an internship, depending on your needs. After your training, we will work with you to help you locate a job.

What job search services are available?  The Career Services Center offers resume software, careers skills software, internet services, and job skills workshops and classes.

Who are the CalWORKs staff?

     Herbert English - Coordinator/Counselor
     Linda Corrigan - Coordinator
     Angie Rodriguez - Counselor