What are resolutions?
Resolutions are formal documents that express an association or governing body's opinion on an issue, their argument for the need for change, or their pledge to change a process or policy. Writing resolutions is one of the most important things the Associated Students Board of Directors can do to express the will of the Moorpark College student body.

Why are resolutions important?
Resolutions are important because while any student can reach out to Moorpark College administration to express concern or try to sway them on a particular topic, the administration knows that a resolution passed by ASMC has been researched by a team of students and voted on by elected student leaders.

View the Associated Students of Moorpark College's Resolution Guidelines to learn more:

ASMC Resolution Guidelines - drafted March 2021


Past ASMC Resolutions




2020.1 Support of Moorpark College Armenian Students during the Conflict in Artsakh


2020.02 COVID-19 Pandemic and a Safe Return to Campus


2020.03 Resolution in Support of Black Lives Matter


2020.04 Anti-Asian Hate Resolution