The 2020 Commencement ceremony was canceled due to COVID-19. Students graduating in 2021 are encouraged to check back for updates about the status of the May 2021 Commencement.

Students who submit their Certificate or Degree Graduation petition are invited to RSVP to walk in the annual Commencement, a ceremony celebrating the collective accomplishments of our graduates. 

How to sign up to walk at Commencement

  • Pictured are graduates from behind, facing the stage where the Commencement ceremony is taking place.
    A Rad Tech program graduate watches the Commencement ceremony.
  • ASMC President and VCCCD Student Trustee smile for the camera.
    ASMC President Andrew Lopez and VCCCD Student Trustee Connor Kubeisy smile for the camera.
  • A student holds a sign that says "A Moorpark College Graduate Lives Here" sign.
    A grad proudly displays her lawn sign. Photo by Evan Reinhardt.
  • Two graduates smile while holding a "Congratulations" sign.
    Two graduates smile during pre-ceremony festivities.
  • Students laugh and clap during the Commencement ceremony.
    Students laugh while listening to the Commencement speeches.
  • Students smile for the camera before the Commencement ceremony begins.
    Two students smile for the camera during Commencement.
  • Students laugh and smile during the Commencement processional.
    Students smile during the Commencement ceremony processional.