Start a new student club or organization


The deadline to establish a new student club or organization, or to recharter a previously active student club or organization, was March 1, 2024. Applications for new or renewed student clubs/organizations for the 2024-2025 academic year will open in June 2024.

Check out our list of formerly active student clubs that you can revive, or complete the following steps to create a club that suits your academic, cultural, or personal interests:

Step 1: Find your club officers. 

Identify a minimum of four (4) currently enrolled MC students to serve as officers, and complete the Student Club Creation Form online here, or click the link below to download a PDF version of the same document.

Club Chartering or Renewal Form 2023-2024

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Step 2: Find your advisor(s). 

Secure at least one Moorpark College faculty, staff, or administrator to serve as advisor for your club, and have that person complete the Club Advisor Agreement online. You can also click the link below to download a PDF version of the same document.

Advisor Agreement 2023-2024

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Step 3: Draft your club's constitution & bylaws.

Each student club and organization will develop governing documents that explain what the club will be about, how students can become officers, and other details about club operations. Feel free to use our template to guide you.

Constitution and Bylaws template 2022-2023 - MS Word document

Constitution and Bylaws template 2022-2023 - PDF document

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Step 4: Submit your club paperwork.

Once you have compiled all the necessary paperwork (chartering or renewal form, advisor agreement, and draft constitution), send them in to ASMC at and

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Step 5. Attend an ASMC Board meeting for approval.

You will be invited to attend an upcoming ASMC Board meeting to discuss your goals so that ASMC may formally approve your club or organization. You will be invited to a future ASMC meeting by the ASMC Director of Student Organizations once they have had a chance to review your documents, so be sure to check your email for next steps!

Please note that the ASMC Board does not meet regularly during summer term or winter or spring breaks. This may cause a delay in club/organization chartering approvals.