Current ASMC Board of Directors

The Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC) Board of Directors is an 11-person elected student government body. Read on to learn more about each role and the current student serving in the position for 2023-2024.

ASMC Board of Directors 2023-2024

Sean Rosskopf, President

As President, Sean serves as the official spokesperson for ASMC and the broader Moorpark College student body, liaising between college and district administration and students. Sean presides over all of the ASMC Board of Directors meetings, preparing the weekly agendas and managing meeting operations. Sean is also responsible for all of the executive functions of the Board, carrying out orders, sanctions, and resolutions as effectively as possible. 

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Jaycee Alipio, Vice President

Jaycee oversees the appointment of Board members to college committees and oversees committee and meeting attendance. Jaycee reviews letters of intent for vacant Board positions and hires student staff. Jaycee also manages internal administrative duties of the Board of Directors, serves as Vice Chair of the Inter-Club Council, and is a voting member of the ASMC Programming Committee. 

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Sage Tollefson, Director of Academic Affairs

As Director of Academic Affairs, Sage represents ASMC on matters of academic and educational policy. Sage oversees the ASMC Scholarship Program and Commissioned Arts Program, and she plans cultural and/or educational field trips each year.

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Scott Lamm, Director of Budget & Finance

As Director of Budget and Finance, Scott develops ASMC's annual operating budget and monitors and tracks spending of the Board's nine (9) trust accounts. Scott also serves as Chair of the ASMC Programming Committee, which provides funding to groups aimed at enhancing student life at Moorpark College. Please reach out to Scott if you have questions about how to request funding from Associated Students, or if you are unsure how to spend existing club funds.

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Ethan Gray, Director of Campus Events

As Director of Campus Events, Ethan oversees and facilitates all ASMC events and activities, manages materials related to events, and serves as a lead on any activities that are co-led with other Moorpark College clubs or units. Ethan serves as a voting member of the ASMC Programming Committee, which awards funding to support student engagement opportunities.

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Tara Pai, Director of Constitution & Standing Rules

As Director of Constitution & Standing Rules, Tara makes sure that ASMC operates within its own pre-established guidelines, as well as local, state, and federal regulations related to its operations (e.g., California Education Code, California Brown Act, and parliamentary procedure). Tara also serves as Chairperson of the ad hoc Elections Committee, is a voting member of the Programming Committee, and takes meeting minutes for the ASMC Board of Directors' regular meetings.

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Hatif Syed, Director of Public Relations
As Director of Public Relations, Hatif promotes all ASMC projects and events using ASMC social media accounts, the Moorpark Reporter, and other outlets. The Director of Public Relations serves on the Inter-Club Council, and collaborates with other ASMC Directors as well as club representatives to promote student life activities on campus.  
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Judah Robinson, Director of Student Advocacy

As Director of Student Advocacy, Judah assists the ASMC President and Board of Directors in coordinating advocacy efforts on behalf of students' interests and serves as the primary representative to off-campus entities. This includes representing ASMC at all monthly Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustee meetings, as well as serving as ASMC's official delegate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Region VI monthly meetings. 

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Bouchra Alioua, Director of Student Organizations

As Director of Student Organizations, Bouchra helps Moorpark College's 40+ officially recognized student clubs and organizations operate. This includes distributing reminders about deadlines, explaining to student leaders college and district processes and protocol, and hosting campus-wide events to promote student groups and help them recruit members. Bouchra also chairs the Inter-Club Council, which meets routinely to discuss club-related topics and to connect student leaders with one another to foster collaborative opportunities.

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Pearl Spaho, Director of Student Services

As ASMC Director of Student Services, Pearl connects the Associated Students Board and current students with various services and departments on campus. She liaises between campus faculty and staff and students, providing input on resources and programs intended to foster student success. Pearl also plans campus-wide activities and events intended to support various student populations and to promote student services, such as Club Rush & Student Services Fair, which happens each semester. Contact Pearl if you have questions about the different student services programs (like Counseling, EOPS, ACCESS, First Year Experience, and others).

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Sophia Kast, Director of Sustainability

Sophia is focused on environmental initiatives as ASMC's Director of Sustainability. She chairs the Associated Students Sustainability Committee (ASSC), plans educational activities and events to increase environmental awareness, and collaborates with Moorpark College Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations and the Nature's Finest gardening club to operate and maintain the on-campus student garden. Contact Sophia if you want to share an environmental concern you have about the campus, or if you wish to join the ASSC!

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